{Blog 604} Sunday Brunch

Nothing like spending some time with loved ones and having some brunch!!



DaD “Rustic Spring Set” (includes: Rustic French Table, Candle ring A, Candle ring B & Table Runner Floor) {DaD at Bloom} {DaD Mainstore}

Lagom – Mist lotus {Lagom at Bloom} {Lagom Mainstore}

.peaches. Super Sweet Fondue Clutter Set (includes: Fondue Pot, Strawberry Plate, & Cherry Plate ) {.peaches.}

Other Decor:

Chicken & Waffles ((Luc.) Chicken & Waffles) {Lucas Lameth}
Cheese Platter ((Luc.) Hors d’oeuvre, Cheese Platter) {Lucas Lameth}
Tart ((Luc.) French Fruit Tart) {Lucas Lameth at equal10-Mar/Apr Round}
Plates ((Luc.) Stack of Dessert Plates) {Lucas Lameth at equal10-Mar/Apr Round}

Pastry Rack (dust bunny . pastry rack *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Bread Board (dust bunny . summer picnic . bread tray *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Bagels (dust bunny . bagels *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Cake (dust bunny . strawberry season . cake) {dust bunny}
Donuts (dust bunny . tropical delights . macarons & donuts) {dust bunny}
Waffles (dust bunny . brunch . heart waffle stack *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Cheese (dust bunny . summer picnic . cheese wheel *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Muffins (dust bunny . brunch . coconut muffins *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Brioche (dust bunny . brunch . brioche loaf *Gacha*) {dust bunny}
Plants (dust bunny . paradise plants . monstera tree, fan palm & potted palm) {dust bunny}

Lemonade (includes: Apple Fall Lemonade Pitcher & Glass) {Apple Fall}

Chair (Nutmeg. Home At Last Chair Dark) {Nutmeg.}

Pergola ({moss&mink} Tropical Bliss – Pergola *RARE GACHA*) {{moss&mink}}

Grass (HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 – a) {HPMD}
Shrubs (HPMD* Shrub03 – flower c) {HPMD}
Trees (HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – green) {HPMD}

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