{Blog 605} Surprise.. It’s a Baby Shower!

It’s nice to celebrate new life that is entering in our world, where there is so much chaos.



Astralia – Baby Shower! Set (includes: “Girl” Latte Dispenser, BABY Decorative cubes, Cupcakes Stand, Diaper Cake, Gender Reveal Interactive Box, Hanging Babysuits Ornament, Lattes Tray, Party Table & Twinkle-Twinkle Balloons) {Astralia at Uber-Mar/Apr Round} {Astralia Mainstore}

Other Decor:

dust bunny . tropical delights Set (chicken wraps, macarons & donuts, popsicle drinks & ice cream pops) {dust bunny}
Cheese Board (dust bunny . brunch . fig cheese board . RARE) {dust bunny}
Fondue Board )dust bunny . sweetheart fondue board) {dust bunny}
Cooke Jar (dust bunny . unicorn cookie jar) {dust bunny}

Confetti (+Half-Deer+ Pastel Confetti) {Half-Deer}
Balloons (+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons) {Half-Deer}
Backdrop (+Half-Deer+ Heart Window Backdrop) {Half-Deer}

Bears (hive // my bare bear) {hive}
Floor Balloons (hive // pastel floor balloons) {hive}

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