{Blog 522} Hello Fall!

Good-bye Summer, hello Fall. You have arrived and we were ready for you!!

What I am wearing:

Hair: Wasabi // Indigo Mesh Hair {Wasabi}



Moles: Izzie’s – Cora Moles {Izzie’s}

Sweater: [Cynful] Fuzzy Cardigan {Cynful}

Jumpsuit: Cynful Denim Jumpsuit {Cynful at Collabor88-September Round} {Cynful Mainstore}

Necklace: e.marie // Bailey Necklace {e.marie at kustom9-Sept/Oct Round}

Nails: e.marie // Mix&Match Designs – Keep It Simple 3 {e.marie}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Make-up, Tattoo, Body & Most used Jewelry-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: The Crossing Pose II 1 [m] {Lyrium}

Bridge: MINIMAL – Cliff Scene {MINIMAL at kustom9-Sept/Oct Round} {MINIMAL Mainstore}

Leaves: hive // falling leaves . windswept {hive}


{Blog 521} Love Yourself

You have to take some time, look within and love yourself.

What I am wearing:

Hair: Foxy – Smitten. {Foxy at Collabor88-September Round}

Choker: Kibitz – single diamond choker {Kibitz}

Necklace: e.marie // Spoiled Necklace {e.marie}

Shirt: ChicModa // HW Mia {ChicModa}

Panties: ROULY :: Be My Lover Thong {ROULY at Collabor88-September Round}

Nails: e.marie // Mix&Match Designs – Keep It Simple 3 {e.marie}


Basics Info (Head, Skin, Make-up, Tattoo, Body & Most used Jewelry-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: Comfort Zone Pose 3 {Lyrium}

Pumpkin: Lagom – Clutter pumpkin {Lagom}

House (:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / RARE) & Mirror (:HAIKEI: Home Sweet Home / GACHA / 2) {:HAIKEI:}

Champagne (pink champagne (makes my hand go up to hold the bottle)), Purse (Good feeling bag), Sandals (lost sandals) & Makeup Kit (beauty box) {Tentacio}

dust bunny . violet vanity . Set (includes: Desk, Fur Chair, Makeup Bag, Brush Holder, Makeup Palettes, Mirror, Skincare tray & Trinket Dish) {dust bunny at kustom9-Sept/Oct Round}

Clothing Rack: dust bunny . clothing rack . colorful {dust bunny}

Lashes (.random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Lashes), Brushes (.random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Brush Case) & Mascara (.random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Mascara) *BOTH GACHAS* {.random.matter.}

Makeup Tower (-tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Tower), Boxes (-tres blah- Eclectic Collection -Nesting Boxes Set & -tres blah- Eclectic Collection -Large Nesting Box) *ALL GACHAS* {tres blah}

Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Gacha Set (includes: Shoe Box Clutter 5 & Shoe Clutter Colorful) {GARBAGGIO}

Jeans: LAGOM – Luna Laundry [Floorjeans] #13 {Lagom}

Curtains: +Half-Deer+ Soiree Curtains – White Lace {+Half-Deer+}

Rug: .BASIL. Pink Rug *GACHA* {Basil}

{Blog 520} Pink Overhaul

Its nice to dream a little dream as you attempt to fall fast asleep in your bed.


Lagom – Gumball babe Gacha Set (includes: Bed *RARE* (PG & Adult), Dance Pole *RARE*, Frames, Sidetable, Gumball Machine, Desk, Heart Gift, Mini Fridge, Creditcard & Tablet-puter) {Lagom at Kawaii Project-September Round} {Lagom Mainstore}

BAMSE : E-GAMER Gacha Set (includes: Chair *RARE*, Mic, Wrist Rest, Mouse, Speaker & Headphones) {BAMSE}

House (:HAIKEI: Innocent Dreamer / GACHA / RARE), Shoe Boxes (:HAIKEI: Pink for you_GACHA / {5}), Chair (:HAIKEI: Soft & Dreams / GACHA / 6-B) & Clothes Rack (:HAIKEI: Soft & Dreams / GACHA / 4) (ALL GACHAS) {:HAIKEI:}

Hanging Purse (Otaku bag), Cosmetics (beauty box), Books (beauty personal spa) & Hair Dye (Hair cosmetics & Pink dye) {Tentacio}

Mood Board (tarte. x Elm. inspiration board), Document Holder (tarte. x Elm. document holder), Roses (tarte. x Elm. vase of roses), Clock (tarte. x Elm. retro clock), Phone (tarte. x Elm. marble phone holder), Ring Holder (tarte. x Elm. jewelry dish), Cactus (tarte. cactus marquee) & Candle (tarte. x Elm. office candle), Clipboard Art (tarte. clipboard art) & Dream Lights (tarte. dream string light) {tarte}

Bikini (+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter – ALL – Floor Bra & Thong), Curtains (+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain), Beads (+Half-Deer+ Crystal Romance Garland), Books (+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter), Succulents (+Half-Deer+ Love Succs) & Sweater (+Half-Deer+ Favorite Sweater Clutter) {+Half-Deer+}

Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Gacha Set (includes: White Heels, Nude Heels, Studded Pumps Ombre, Studded Pumps Candy, Pink Heels, Lily Cage Sandals, Band Pumps Heels, Gigi Pumps & Shoe Box Clutter 3) {GARBAGGIO}

Folded Clothes (LAGOM – Luna Laundry [Folded Clothes] #07) & Jeans (LAGOM – Luna Laundry [Floorjeans] #13) (BOTH GACHAS) {Lagom}

Clipboard Art (-tres blah- Pampered – Clipboard Art) & Books (-tres blah- Salad Days – Vintage Books) (BOTH GACHAS) {tres blah}

Flowers: dust bunny . sweet dreams . wall art {dust bunny}

Rugs: .BASIL. Pink Rug & .BASIL. White Rug *GACHA* {Basil}

{Blog 519} Super Nova

In a galaxy far, far away there were 4 women took an oath to fight what was right in the world. Their first battle was won on the planet of Super Nova. They will continue to fight the battles among them. (From left to right: Ashlee, Caiti, Me (Vee) & Pinks)

What Ashlee is wearing:

Hair: #CHAIN – Safari Hair {#CHAIN at Access-September Round}

Shine: THIS IS WRONG – Twilight Shine {THIS IS WRONG}

HORNS: TRIGGERED – The Crow Gacha (Little Horns-Green) #12 *GACHA* {TRIGGERED at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020}

Facial Accessories: SEKA’s “HVCKED” {SEKA Marketplace Store}

Bodysuit: {le fil casse} Xeria Bodysuit {{le fil casse} at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020}

Arm: [omnis] BlackWidow/2 (Maitreya worn on Legacy) {[omnis] Marketplace Store}

Boots: REIGN.- BRENNER THIGH HIGH BOOTS {REIGN at equal10-September Round}

What caiti is wearing:

Hair: .:EMO-tions:/ MOON-RED {EMO-tions}

Visor: [NeurolaB Inc.] VISOR EXO-7 (Hacker) {NeurolaB Inc.}

Arm: [omnis] BlackWQidow/V2.1.1 (Maitreya) {[omnis] Marketplace Store}

Bodysuit: AsteroidBox. Hirudo Corset {AsteroidBox}

Fishnets: MIWAS / High Waist Fishnet Tights {MIWAS}

Boots: _CandyDoll_Demona Boots {CandyDoll}

What I am wearing:

Helmet: HARO CYHEAD SET 4 {Haro at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020}

Tattoo: Gloom. – Intergalactic Visitor {Gloom. at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020}

Bodysuit: A&Y Helix Cyber suit {A&Y at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020}

Arms: [The Forge] Ocullas Arm *RARE GACHA* (Maitreya worn on Legacy Body) {The Forge}

Body Skin: Lara Hurley – Bryn *PALE* {Lara Hurley

Boots: [[ Masoom ]] Callista Shoes {[[ Masoom ]] at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020}

What pinks is wearing:

Hair: tram J0513b hair {tram}

Headset: :::SOLE::: SA – Headset VOSTARS {:::SOLE::: Marketplace Store}

Top: Ghoul – Avaron Crop {Ghoul}

Panties: Ghoul – Haruko Hybrid {Ghoul}

Pasties: Limited Addiction – Heart Pasties {Limited Addiction}

Skirt: SEKA’s Caged Waist {SEKA Marketplace Store}

Leg Armor: SEKA’s Gladiator {SEKA Marketplace Store}

Boots: [Cubic Cherry] {Vesper} boots {[Cubic Cherry]}

Body Blush: Caise – Sweet Peace Body Blush w / Shine {Caise}


Tattoo’s: [WB.] BANG! & [WB.] Mmm Donut {Winter Bear}

Poses & Backdrop

Ashlee’s Pose: .HG. Glitch 3 {Hello Gorgeous at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020} {Hello Gorgeous Mainstore}

Caiti’s Pose: Diversion – Neon Dream – 1 {Diversion at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020} {Diversion Mainstore}

My Pose: .HG. Glitch 2 {Hello Gorgeous at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020} {Hello Gorgeous Mainstore}

Pinks Pose: Diversion – Neon Dream – 3M {Diversion at CYBER Fair-September 3-23, 2020} {Diversion Mainstore}

Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop :. Blueshift {.PALETO.}

Sparkles: SR star voltex : star v1 {*SR* Design}

{Blog 518} Feel The Music

Sometimes, you just have to let the music flow through your body and dance it out.

What I am wearing:

Hair: [monso] Lena2 Hair {[monso] at kustom9-Aug/Sept Round}

Headphones: Soy. TAPEMAN II Sports *RARE GACHA* {Soy.}


Choker: Kibitz – single diamond choker {Kibitz}

Romper: Cynful Play Time Romper {Cynful at equal10-September Round *OPENS TODAY AT 12 PM SLT*} {Cynful Mainstore}


Tights: The Secret Store – Polka Tights (BOM Applier) {The Secret Store}

Knee Pads: fri. – Pandora.Knee.Pads (I am using Maitreya, however, wearing Legacy Body) {fri.day}

Phone: .cosmic peaches. – Trendy Cellphone Typer *GACHA* {Peaches & Cosmic Dust}

Nails: e.marie // COFFIN Valentines Set XOX {e.marie}


Basics Info (Head, Skin, Make-up, Tattoo, Body, & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: Apple Spice – Party Pose 010 (I used Animare to lift my right knee/Head movement has animation from Lelutka HUD ) {Apple Spice Store}

Backdrop: MINIMAL – Illusion III – 1 *RARE GACHA* {MINIMAL}

After school backpack (Tentacio after school), Comic bag & comic game (Tentacio comic set), otaku ipad (Tentacio Otaku set) & Lazy monday. Game (Tentacio Lazy monday set) {Tentacio}

Frappe, Composition Notebook & Papers: Golden Cage – Frappe, Bon Voyage – Ready to Travel & Hodgepodge – Paper Pile *GACHA* {tres blah}

Textbooks: .random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Textbooks *GACHA* {.random.matter.}

Notebooks: ionic : Notes from College [Psychology] & [Architecture] *GACHA* {ionic}

Pens & Fast Food: Colorful Pens – Assorted Pastel & Fast Food Clutter Set { +Half-Deer+}

Chips: dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . potato chips *GACHA* {dust bunny}

{Blog 517} Garden Stroll

Peace and silence is the best way to clear your mind and focus on the the positive things around you.


Hair: barberyumyumL12 {*barberyumyum*}

Eyelashes: Wednesday[+] ~ Classic Eyelashes (Lelutka Appliers) {Wednesday[+] Curemore}



Moles: Izzie’s – Cora Moles {Izzie’s}

Choker: Kibitz – single diamond choker {Kibitz}

Necklace: Cae :: Darling :: Necklace {Cae}

Jacket: Blueberry – Candy Set – Jacket Only {Blueberry}

Jumpsuit: ChicModa // Natalie Jumpsuit{ChicModa at FaMESHed-September Round} {ChicModa Mainstore}


Bouquet: Ariskea[Adora] Roses Bouquet – Rosy {Ariskea}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Make-up, Tattoo, Body & Most used Jewelry-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Backdrop:

Pose: Diversion – Stroll – 2M {Diversion} This pose in a hunt by “Stuff My Inventory Hunts.” You will find this pose set hidden in Diversion’s main store. The hint is “Dial Me Up.” For more information about the hunt please go to: https://stuffmyinventoryhunts.wordpress.com/

Backdrop: Synnergy//Garden Backdrop {Synnergy}

{Blog 516} Sports Access Hangout

Sports and NFL season is upon us. Who doesn’t want a room to themselves to enjoy their favorite teams playing and showing their stuff off to the world!!


KraftWork Sports Room Gacha Set (includes: Sports Room *RARE*, 1st Box & Blanket, 2nd Box & Magazines, 3rd Box & Tennis Racquets, American Football Trophy, Autographed Baseball Bats, Autographed Baseball Jersey Frame, Autographed Baseball Photo Frame, Autographed Football Photo Frame, Baseball Trophy, Box Cabinet, Broken Punching Bag, Childhood Photo Frame, College Team Pennants, double Locker Yellow, Old Baseball Canvas Sofa, Old Industrial Pipe Lamps, Old Pommel Horse, Old Score Board, Old Sports Blueprints, Single Locker Metal, Stadium Chairs, Vintage Bowling Pins & Vintage Hockey Sticks) {KraftWork at Anthem-September Round} {KraftWork Mainstore}

Bueno Taco GACHA Set: Soft Taco Plate, Chips and Salsa & Crispy Taco Plate {BUENO}

Potted Plants: {what next} House Plant – Agave & Rubber Tree {{what next}}

Tires: NOMAD // Workout Tires (Seat) *GACHA* {NOMAD}

Tree: Ariskea[Mocorra] Tree plant {Ariskea}

Chalkboard: Chalkboard Football Plays with chalk {Kath Catteneo Marketplace Store}

Hanging Plants: dust bunny . hanging plants . spider planter {dust bunny}

Popcorn: -David Heather-Bowl of Popcorn *GACHA* {-David Heather-}

Pillow: junk. retro sports tee floor cushion. green. {junk. Marketplace Store}

Dogs: Foxwood – Boston Pup {Foxwood}

Chips & Soda: Peaches ‘N Cream – CESP -Chips & Soda Cans *GACHA* {Peaches & Cosmic Dust}

Cell phone: PILOT – Phone w/ Earbuds *GACHA* {PILOT}

Headphones: Stockholm-Headphones (decor) {~BAZAR~}

Baseball Bat: Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Baseball Equipment *GACHA* {Serenity Style}

Towel: [Px] Crumpled Towel {Pixelwear Marketplace Store}

Rug: [Con.] Stampit Rug {Consignment}

***VELLA [Combatant] Jersey Frame’s (Seahawks & Warriors) are not for sale***

{Blog 515} Star Bright

I love feeling cute and adorable sometimes.

What I am wearing:

Mesh Bento/BOM Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Nova.1.2 {Lelutka}

Skin: Lara Hurley – Bryn {Lara Hurley}

Hair: Tram – J0813 Hair {tram at Uber-Aug/Sept Round}

Eyebrows: [SB] *LeL_Evolution* LSpring Neu 02 (Lelutka Appliers) {Simple Bloom}

Eyelashes: Wednesday[+] ~ Classic Eyelashes (Lelutka Appliers) {Wednesday[+] Curemore}

Eyeshadow: WarPaint* Radiant eyeshadow {Warpaint}

Eyes: Gloom. – Malicious Collection {Gloom}

Blush, Highlighers & Sprinkles: Caise – Puff Puff! Face Blush & Stickers + Band Aid Set {Caise at Kawaii Project-Aug/Sept Round}

Moles: Izzie’s – Cora Moles {Izzie’s}

Nose ring: .ARISE. Nose Ring {.ARISE.}

Lips: .N X LELUTKA ‘SPICY’ LIPS {NONNATIVE’S STUDIO at Kawaii Project-Aug/Sept Round}

Choker: Kibitz – single diamond choker {Kibitz-60L for the Happy Weekend Sale}

Necklace: Cae :: Darling :: Necklace {Cae}

Shirt: -Pixicat- Carly Top {Pixicat at Anthem-September Round}

Stars: ~MR~Shine with stars~ {MOON RABBIT at Kawaii Project-Aug/Sept Round}

Pose: .HG. Arpina 5 (Disclaimer: this is not the full pose, I used this pose to get the headshot pose I was going for. Please check out the full pose at the store) {Hello Gorgeous}

{Blog 514} Netflix & Snacks

It’s nice to have your friends to veg out with, gossip with and just those friends just have be silly and have fun with. That is what Pinks, Ashlee and Kay are for me. They are my go too if I need someone for a good laugh or just take my mind off the world around me. (Clockwise: Pinks, Kay, Ashlee & Me (Vee))

What Pinks is wearing:

Hair: ItGirls – Miami Hairb+Pony {ItGirls}

Extra Hairbase: REVOUL – Barbiana Tingz Hairbase {REVOUL}

Face Mask: [Cosmic Dust x Momoko] – Pampered – BOM Cucumber Mask *GACHA* {Cosmic Dust & Momoko}

Sweater: Lunar – Vivi Sweater {Lunar Marketplace}

Sweatpants: [Cosmic Dust x Momoko] – Pampered – Gray Sweatpants *GACHA* {Cosmic Dust & Momoko}

Choker: Blupr/nt – “PEACHES” LV Choker {Blupr/nt}

Cucumbers: Fiasco – Spa Cucumber Eyes Gift {Fiasco}

What Kay is wearing:

Hair: Sintiklia – Titania {SINTIKLIA}

Sleep Mask: NS:: Kawaii Sleep Mask {::NS::}

Glasses: Mad – Nerd Glasses {Mad Mesh Marketplace}

Cardigan: Blueberry – Can’t Relate {Blueberry}

Shirt: Blueberry – Solstice – Lace Top {Blueberry}

Shorts: Spoiled – Playful Gamer Shorts {SPOILED}

What Ashlee is wearing:

Hair: Tram – J0813 Hair {tram at Uber-Aug/Sept Round}

Mask: Tee*fy Sleepy Bunny Sleeping Mask *GACHA* {Tee*fy}

Sweater: Lunar – Baby Sweater {Lunar Marketplace}

Shirt: Addams // Emilia Crop Top {Addams}

Shorts: Rebel Gal – Sweet Dreams Shorts {Rebal Gal}

Tattoo’s: [WB.] BANG! {Winter Bear}

What I am wearing:

Hair: Foxy – Lucid. {Foxy}

Sleep Mask: .miss chelsea. Clem Sleep Mask {.miss chelsea.}

Glasses: e.marie // Solar Glasses {e.marie}

Face Mask: [Cosmic Dust x Momoko] – Pampered – BOM Clay Mask *GACHA* {Cosmic Dust & Momoko}

Necklace: Cae :: Darling :: Necklace {Cae}

Sports Bra & Panties: OSMIA – Denise.Sport Bra & Panties {OSMIA}

Sweatpants: OSMIA – Denise.Jogger Pants {OSMIA}

Slippers: dust bunny . bunny slippers {dust bunny}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Make-up, Tattoo, Body & Most used Jewelry-RARELY CHANGED)

Poses & Decor:

Pinks Pose: .HG. Sugarcoat. 4 (Taco: BUENO – Taco *GACHA* & Cake: DISORDERLY&CURELESS/ Petit Blooms / Mini Cake / Rose *GACHA*  {Hello Gorgeous}

Kay Pose: .HG. Vee 5 (Fry: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – A Single Fry) {Hello Gorgeous}

Ashlee Pose: .HG. Uranus 4  (Head moved to make looking like eating pizza with Lelutka Facial Expressions HUD) (Pizza: [La Baguette] Slice of pizza) {Hello Gorgeous}

Vee’s Pose: MADE by Myself (Chinese Food: dust bunny . bunny’s wok takeout . chicken chow mein @ N21 August/Sept Round)

House w/ Kitchen: hive // built-in kitchen skybox {hive}

dust bunny . bunny’s wok takeout Set (includes: Bag, Chicken Chow mein, Fried Dumplings, Fried Rice & Seasme Combo Box) {dust bunny at N21-Aug/Sept Round}

dust bunny . at home baking Set (includes: Lemon Cake, Bag of Sugar & Frosting Bowl) {dust bunny}

Pizza: Peaches ‘N Cream – CESP -Pizza & Soda *GACHA* {PeachesCosmic Dust}

Peaches ‘N Cream – Drink, Drank, Drunk Gacha Set: ‘FriendChips In a Bowl’ Chips & ‘That’s What Cheese Said’ Cheese Puffs {PeachesCosmic Dust}

Cupcakes: dust bunny . pastel celebration . funfetti cupcakes {dust bunny}

Ice Cream: [Cosmic Dust x Momoko] – Pampered – Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream *GACHA* {Cosmic Dust & Momoko}

.random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen Gacha Set (includes: Sloppy Cake [Vanilla] & Open Cookbook) {.random.Matter.}

Bueno Taco GACHA Set: Chips and Guacamole, Soft Taco Plate, Chips and Salsa, Crispy Taco Plate & Taco Bag {BUENO}

+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter (includes: Spilled Soda Drink[Red], Fries Heart, Fry Love You, Cheeseburger, Spilled Fries Box, Only A Few Fries, Soda Drink [Pink] & Big Pile of Fries { +Half-Deer+}

Wine & Glasses: hive // champagne bottle & champagne glass {hive}

dust bunny . kitchen clutter Set (includes: Dish Drying Rack, Banana Hanger, Potted Herbs . Basil/Rosemary/Parsley, Canisters, Paper Towels, Utensil Pitcher & Spice Rack {dust bunny}

dust bunny . pasta love Set (includes: Spaghetti & Meatballs Pot, Making Pasta Board & Pasta Machine) {dust bunny}

dust bunny . homemade soup Set (includes: Pot of Soup & Bag of Groceries) {dust bunny}

Butter Tray: hive // butter tray {hive}

hive // Kitchen Clutter Gacha Set: Kitchen Canisters & Baking Bundle A) {hive}

Hanging Basket: dust bunny . tiered hanging baskets {dust bunny}

Pot Rack: MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pot Rack *ULTRA RARE GACHA* {MudHoney}