{Blog 242} Camp Out

campingTime to get dirty and make my way out to the wilderness for some camping.

What I am wearing:

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Satomi {[monso] at Hair Fair 2017}

Hat: *COCO*_StrawHat_Brown {*COCO* at Uber-July Round}

Outfir (shirt & skirt): Dead Dollz – Roanoke Outfit {Dead Dollz at Uber-July Round} {Dead Dollz Mainstore}

Boots: fri. – Fisher Boots {fri.day at Uber-July Round} {fri.day Mainstore}

Camera: -Pixicat- Vintage Camera {Pixicat}

Watch & Bracelets: Izzie’s – Leather & Beads Watch Bracelets {Izzie’s}

Backpack: ::C’est la vie !:: Zora Bag *RARE GACHA* {::C’est la vie !:: at The Project Se7en (6/30/17-7/25/17)}  {:: C’est la vie! :: Mainstore}

Knee wounds: Izzie’s – Knee Wounds (Maitreya applier) {Izzie’s}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: GLITTERATI-Long Hair-3-2 {GLITTERATI Marketplace}

Waterfall Rock: uK – Little Oasis Curved Falls *RARE GACHA* {unKindness at Gacha Guardians} {unKindness Mainstore}

Tent, Log Benches, Camping Stools, Campfire & Cooking pot w/ Kettle: {what next}-Pine Ridge Camping Set {what next}

Cooler: 22769 – Beach Cool Box *GACHA* {22769 at Gacha Guardians}

Smore Set: Token&Tribe- Smore’ Set {Token & Tribe}

Squirrels: *HEXtraordinary* Fat Squirrel *GACHA* {HEXtraordinary}

Raccoons: Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons *GACHA* {Mutresse}

Deer: Fawny – Forest Does {Fawny}

Grass: LB_WildGrass  {Little Branch Marketplace}

Trees: LB_Cedar  {Little Branch Marketplace}

{Blog 241} Summer Girl

Pool Time“And I think it’s fly
When girls stop by
For the summer
For the summer
I like girls that
Wear Abercrombie and Fitch
I’d take her if I had one wish
But she’s been gone
Since that summer
Since that summer.”

~Summer Girls by LFO

What I am wearing:

Hair: [NANI] Kiku.Hair {[NANI] at Hair Fair 2017}

Bikini: :V.e. Reina Ruffled Bikini {Valentina E. at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Sunglasses: Izzie’s – Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses {Izzie’s at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Lipgloss: Izzie’s -Lipgloss-Lelutka Head Applier {Izzie’s EXCLUSIVE in Powder Pack-Lelutka March Edition}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Poses & Decor:

Poses: BellePoses-Jana 4 (1 out of 6 BENTO poses) {BellePoses at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {BellePoses Mainstore}

Pool: Astralia – Tropical pool {Astralia at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {Astralia Mainstore}

Dog with Drink Cooler: JIAN Beach Corgis :: Drink Cooler *GACHA RARE* {JIAN}

Dog with Sunglasses: JIAN Beach Corgis :: Swim Trunks *GACHA RARE* {JIAN}

Radio, Watermelon Cocktails, Pineapple Plate & Beer Bucket: Pool Party GACHA Set {Velvet Whip at Gacha Guardians}

Towel & Beach Bag: The Dock GACHA Set {22769 at Gacha Guardians}

Umbrella: Beach GACHA Set {Una at Gacha Guardians}

{Blog 240} Puppy Pool Party

puppy funIt’s nice just to get outside and play with your puppies in the pool.

What I am wearing:

Hair: Stealthic – Genesis {Stealthic at Hair Fair 2017}

Tankini: ::C’est la vie !:: Febe Tankini {::C’est la vie! :: at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}  {:: C’est la vie! :: Mainstore}

Sunglasses: Atomic- Eyewear-Round Cat-eyes {Atomic at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Necklace: Kibitz – B-mine necklace {Kibitz}

Watch: Izzie’s – Bunny Watch {Izzie’s}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: Ch’Know Poses: Mommmm! (just adult pose is being used) {Ch’Know Poses Marketplace}

Puppy Pool (hose included) & Puppies Floating: JIAN Pool Party Puppers {Jian at FaMESHed-July Round}

Towel: [Merak] – Beach Towel-Watermelon {Merak at Shiny Shabby-June/July Round} {Merak Mainstore}

I-Pod, Flip Flops (Pink/Teal) & Pool Noodles *GACHA* {PILOT}

Bottles of sunscreen & shampoos: Second Spaces – beach day {Second Spaces}

Snacks: Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Snack Attack *GACHA* {tres blah}

Wood Floor: Sway’s [on the Beach] Floor *GACHA* {Sway’s}

Trees: Skye Four Season Oak Tree {Studio Skye Marketplace}

{Blog 239} My Wishes

wishesI hope the Genie gives me the 3 wishes I wished for.

What I am wearing:

Skin: Essences Amanda-Lelutka BENTO Head Applier {Essences EXCLUSIVE in Powder Pack-Lelutka July Edition}

Eyeshadow & Lipstick: alaskametro “Lumina” makeup palette -Lelutka BENTO Head Applier {alaskametro EXCLUSIVE in Powder Pack-Lelutka July Edition}

Hair: Opale . Nora Hair {Opale at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Shirt: Sweet Thing. Ava Crop {Sweet Thing. at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Skirt: {le fil casse} Sunnie Skirt {{le fil casse} at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {le fil casse Mainstore}

Bindi (forehead jewel): Peaches ‘N Cream-Magic Bindi *GACHA* {Peaches N’ Cream at Crystal Heart Festival (6/30/17-7/31/17)} {.peaches. Mainstore} {Cosmic Dust Mainstore}

Necklace & Earrings: Meva Boho Sept Set {Meva}

Bracelets: Cae :: Mantra :: Love :: Bracelets {Cae}

Jewel Box in hand: Peaches ‘N Cream – Magic Gem *GACHA* {Peaches N’ Cream at Crystal Heart Festival (6/30/17-7/31/17)} {.peaches. Mainstore} {Cosmic Dust Mainstore}

Basics Info (Head, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: PURPLEPose 169 (Jewel Box in hand holds it due to script in box) {Purple Poses}

Music Jewel Boxes (on pillows): Peaches ‘n Cream – Magic Gem Music Box *RARE GACHA* {Peaches N’ Cream at Crystal Heart Festival (6/30/17-7/31/17)} {.peaches. Mainstore} {Cosmic Dust Mainstore}

Gold Genie Backdrop, Couch, Hanging Crystals, Crystal Lantern, Magic Lamp w/ pillows (RARE): {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie GACHA Set {moss&mink}

Pillows behind me& Pillows Jewel boxes on: Sway’s [on the Beach] GACHA Set {Sway’s}

Curtains: :CP: Bohemian Curtains Watercolour Splash {Cheeky Pea}

Rug: junk. round boho rug. {.junk}

{Blog 238} Hair Fair 2017 Releases

All Hair Fair sales are donated to the charity: Wigs for kids & runs from 7/1/17 to 7/16/17. Please go to Hair Fair 2017 WordPress Website for more information regarding all hair stores participating in this special event as well, as a map to ALL of the stores, SLURLS & information regarding this amazing charity.

wasabi pills-finishedWasabi Pills (Left to Right: Elle, Sienna & Camille)

Wasabi Pills Hair Fair Landmark-Blonde Sim (Yellow Shutters)

{Wasabi Pills Mainstore}

Decoy-finishedDecoy (Left to Right: Kat, Ashe & Shari)

Decoy Hair Fair Landmark-Noirette Sim (Green Shutters)

{Decoy Mainstore}

elikatira-finishedElikatira (Left to Right: Thea, Clara & Terryn)

Elikatira Hair Fair Landmark-Redhead Sim (Blue Shutters)

{Elikatira Mainstore}

tetra-finishedTetra (Left to Right: Orange, Cherry & Mango)

TETRA Hair Fair Landmark-Brunette Sim (Blue Shutters)

{TETRA Mainstore}

exile-finishedExile (Left to Right: Lovefool, All My Best Lies, Bad at Love & Just For One Night)

Exile Hair Fair Landmark-Noirette Sim (Blue Shutters)

{Exile Mainstore}


{Blog 237} Surf’s Up

Surf up1It’s 4th of July weekend, nothing better than spending some time at the beach!

What I am wearing:

Hair: little bones. Tonic 2.0 {Little Bones}

Wet suit w/ Bra: Dead Dollz – Kahuna Wetsuit & Bra (can be worn with & without bra)  {Dead Dollz at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {Dead Dollz Mainstore}

Wet Body & Face Makeup: Izzie’s-Wet Body & Face Makeup (Lelutka Applier) {Izzie’s at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Decor:

Pose: BellePoses – Nancy 4 (1 out of 6 BENTO Poses/A surfboard is included but not shown in picture) {BellePoses at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {BellePoses Mainstore}

Surfboard (I’m holding): [-BLUE SKY-] Surfboard Chalkboard – Be a Mermaid {[-BLUE SKY-] at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}


{Blog 236} Beach Time

summertimestroll1Time to head to the beach for some summer time fun!

What I am wearing & Decor:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Plum (comes in 2 styles) {Wasabi Pills at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {Wasabi Pills Mainstore}

Outfit (Bikini & Cover up): Decoy-Kayla Dress & Victoria Bikini {Decoy at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)} {Decoy Mainstore}

Flip Flops: REIGN.- Summer Flip Flops {REIGN}

Sunglasses: [Atomic] Stella Shades {Atomic at Summerfest ’17 (6/30/17-7/20/17)}

Ice cream: {Imeka} Italian Ice Cream with Cherry {{Imeka}}

Cell phone: REIGN.- rCELLY- PineappleMobile *GACHA* {REIGN}

Bag: GizzA – Give Me Summer Bag {GizzA Creations}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Jeep: BUENO -4×4-Yellow *GACHA* {BUENO}

***Picture taken at: Corlevoli Beach South***

{Blog 235} Lost in the Music

Feel The BeatsSometimes I just get lost in the music.

What I am wearing:

Hair: #Foxy – Mai. {#Foxy at N21-June/July Round}

Jacket w/ Hoodie: *COCO*_BomberJacket (hoodie included) {*COCO*}

Skirt: ChicModa // Aly Skirt *NEW at Mainstore* {ChicModa }


Headphones: [BUC] “White” 808 Headphones *GACHA* {Bad Unicorn}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose & Backdrop:

Pose: Glitterati – 324 (hands in pockets is from the jacket) {GLITTERATI Marketplace}

Subway: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Destination:London  {FOXCITY.}

{Blog 234} Sakura

asianTaking a nice relaxing trip for some me time.

What I am wearing: 

Hair base: Tableau Vivant \\ Charlotte Base {Tableau Vivant}

Ponytail: Tableau Vivant \\ Spring curls 6 *GACHA* {Tableau Vivant}

Flower Crown: Tableau Vivant \\ Hibiscus *GACHA* {Tableau Vivant}

Dress: Praha Dress {Dead Dollz at N21-June/July Round} {Dead Dollz Mainstore}

Shoes: Astralia – Blossom Okobo Sandals {Astralia at Japonica-Opening 6/30/17} {Astralia Mainstore}

Earrings & Bracelets: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sakura Set {Ayashi}

Umbrella: wagasa 003 {SOMALI}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)


Pose: .:StoRin:. – P15 – umbrella01 (1 out 10 poses) {.:StoRin:. Marketplace}

Pergola & Lights: uK – Villa Pergola & Metal Stiks {unKindness at Limit8} {unKindness Mainstore}


{Blog 233} Time to Get Away

vakay1Vacation’s all I ever wanted, vacation time to get away!

What I am wearing & Pose:

Hair: TRUTH / Sorcha  {TRUTH}

Bikini: [Cynful] Heat Bikini {{Cynful in Luxe Box’s June Round (Monthly Subscription Box)}} {Cynful Mainstore}

Sunglasses: (Yummy) Rimless Shades {(Yummy)}

Bracelets: Izzie’s – Tropical Bracelets {Izzie’s}

Necklace: EarthStones Mother & Child Turtles Necklace {Earthstones}

Ice cream & Coconut Drink: *Tentacio* Relaxation Vacation. GACHA {*Tentacio*}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose: Kirin-Cool for the summer Pose 2 (1 out of 10 poses/inner tube included) {Kirin}

***Picture Taken at: Baja Shore***