{Blog 609} My Creative Space

This is my getaway, my special place, my place to do the things I want to do.



Astralia – Sewing Workstation Set (includes: Flowers, Lamp, Machine, Mannequin, Patterns, Sketches & Magazine, Stool, Tapestry, Tolls Box & Workstation) {Astralia at Anthem-April Round} {Astralia Mainstore}

Lagom – Crafters Desk [ Desk ] {Lagom}

Other Decor:

-tres blah- Workspace Gacha Set (Pencil Holder, Catch-All, Print and Books, Computer *RARE*, Art Clutter, Sewing Pattern & Sewing Form *RARE*) {tres blah}
Paper Pile (-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Paper Pile *GACHA*) {tres blah}
Clipboard Art (-tres blah- Pampered – Clipboard Art *GACHA*) {tres blah}

Fashion Books (LeP – Fashion_Books *GACHA*) **GACHA ITEM ON MARKETPLACE**
Designer Wall (LeP – Standing Designer_Shelf – RARE) **GACHA ITEM ON MARKETPLACE**
Purse Shelf (LeP – Wall Designer_Shelf – RARE) **GACHA ITEM ON MARKETPLACE**
Packages (LeP – Review_Packages *GACHA*) **GACHA ITEM ON MARKETPLACE**

Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Gacha Set (Malin, Lily Cage Sandals, Black, Nude, Band Pumps & Shoe Box Clutter 2) {GARBAGGIO}

Pens (tarte. pens & ruler) {tarte.}
Plant (tarte. x Elm. string of pearls) {tarte.}

Sketches (The Atelier Couture Sketches) {Serenity Style}

Trash Bin (Kalopsia – Sam’s Trash Bin) {Kalopsia}

Bridal Mannequin (Dead Dollz – THoB – Mermaid Style *GACHA*) {DEAD DOLL}

dust bunny . paradise plants Set (monstera tree & pineapple plant) {dust bunny}
Rug (Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Rug) {dust bunny}

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