{Blog 328} Daisies In The Wind

garden loveI am out watering my flowers when the wind has over took me ❤

What I am wearing:

Skin: Lara Hurley-Amy Rose Pale (Lelutka Appliers) {Lara Hurley}

Hair: Wasabi // Mayra Windblown {Wasabi at The Fantasy Faire} {Wasabi Mainstore}

Hat: Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Daisy Hat / *GACHA*  {Disorderly+MoonAmore at Bloom (4/15/18-4/30/18)} {:Moon Amore: Mainstore}

Dress: Disorderly+MoonAmore/ Daisy Dreams/ Dress / *RARE GACHA* {Disorderly+MoonAmore at Bloom (4/15/18-4/30/18)} {:Moon Amore: Mainstore}

Heels: Essenz – Bari {Essenz at Shiny Shabby-Apr/May Round} {Essenz Mainstore}

Umbrella w/ Petals : Disorderly+MoonAmore/ Daisy Dreams/ Umbrella *RARE GACHA* {Disorderly+MoonAmore at Bloom (4/15/18-4/30/18)} {:Moon Amore: Mainstore}

Watering Can: Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Watering Can / *GACHA*  {Disorderly+MoonAmore at Bloom (4/15/18-4/30/18)} {:Moon Amore: Mainstore}

Flying Daisies: Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Floating Daisies / *GACHA*  {Disorderly+MoonAmore at Bloom (4/15/18-4/30/18)} {:Moon Amore: Mainstore}

Necklace: Cae :: Vivian :: Necklace {Cae}

Basics Info (Head, Body, Makeup & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)


Pose: <K&S> Girl 9 (1 out of 15 Poses) {<K&S> Poses}

Car: MSD – Abandoned Car Garden – Just Married {Morgan Sim Designs Marketplace}

Fence: MSD – Rustic Fence – Hibiscus Series {Morgan Sim Designs Marketplace}

Flowers: MSD – Cottage Strip Garden – Daisy Lu {Morgan Sim Designs Marketplace}

Daisies: LB_Daisy {Little Branch}

Trees: HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights {HPMD}


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