{Blog 128} Bollywood

bollywood2Strike a pose, any pose!!

What I am wearing & Pose:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ari *NOW OPEN* {Truth at Uber-January Round} {Truth Mainstore}

Dress: Zaara : Chandni  {Zaara}

ERSCH Zuhra: Headpiece, Earrings & bottom Necklace *GACHA’s* {ERSCH at Fantasy Collective Gacha} {ERSCH Mainstore}

*PROMAGIC* Kalpana: Top Necklace & Armlets *GACHA’s* {PROMAGIC at Fantasy Collective Gacha} {PROMAGIC Mainstore}

Bracelets: *PROMAGIC* Shyla *GACHA* {PROMAGIC}

Nose Ring: Zaara : Ayanna nosering {Zaara}

Hands: VISTA PROHAND (Bento) {Vista}

Basics Info (Head, Body, Makeup & Skin-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose: *PH* POSE for BENTO -2 {Pink Hustler}

***Picture taken at: House Marikh@ Taj Mahal***


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