{Blog 102} Survivor

independent“I’m a survivor,
I’m not gon’ give up,
I’m not gon’ stop,
I’m gon’ work harder.”

-“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child

What I (on the right) am wearing:

Hair: Besom~ Beauty Marked {Besom}

Outer Shirt: KITJA – Kassia Shirt {KITJA at Uber-November Round}

Inner Shirt: Blueberry – Mina – Tube Tops {Blueberry}

Shorts: .:villena:.-Laced Up Ripped Shorts {.:villena:. at Uber-November Round}

Boots (grenades on boots included): N-core SURVIVOR {N-Core at Uber-November Round} {N-Core Mainstore}

Sunglasses: Maddison {Redgrave}

Necklace: Razor Dog Tags – Flowers and Jewels {Maxi Gossamer}

Bracelets: [ kunst ] – Summer bracelets {[ kunst ]}

Cigarette:[ kunst ] – Cigarette & holder {[ kunst ]}

Earrings: EarthStones Radiance Diamond Stud Earrings {EarthStones}


Body and Skin Info (I rarely change this information)

What Marlo (in the middle) is wearing:

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jane {Wasabi Pills at Uber-November Round} {Wasabi Pills Mainstore}

Dress: ALT by Truth – Cadet Dress {ALT at Uber-November Round}

Boots: E-Clipse Jolie Boots {E-Clipse}

Skin: Glam Affair – Loli Appliers for LOGO – Jamaica {Glam Affair}

Necklace: Mandala – Shamira Dog Tag {[MANDALA]}

Bracelet: [ kunst ]-Twisted Bracelet {[ kunst ]}

Cigarette: (Yohar] Cigarette {Yohar Fashion Marketplace}

Holster Gun: *BREACH* 92F Holster {*BREACH*}

What Kat (on the left) is wearing:

Hair: *Besom~ Glam Kitten {Besom}

Shirt: Vinyl – Dragon Sharkbite Tee & Sports Bra {Vinyl at Uber-November Round}

Shorts: Spirit – Jae Shorts {Spirit at Uber-November Round}

Socks:*Muka* Garter Socks {*MUKA*}

Boots: [Vale Koer] Tactical Flip Boots {Vale Koer at Uber-November Round}

Skin: theSkinnery – Lydia *LOGO Appliers* {The Skinnery}

Bracelet: FLite.-Commanders Cuffs {FLite}

Cigarette: [ kunst ] – Cigarette & holder {[ kunst ]}

Holster Gun: *Breach* USP Box {*BREACH*}


Friend Pose (what Marlo & I are using): ~Reel Poses – Friendship {Reel Poses}

Single Pose (what Kat is using (guns in mine & Kat’s hands included): ~Reel Poses-Army  {Reel Poses}

Anderson Bunker Set (includes Bunker (includes stone path), bed, posters, sand bags, bunker bag rug, lanterns, pennants & end table): {Cheeky Pea at Uber-November Round}  {Cheeky Pea Mainstore}

**All 3 of us are wearing LOGO Alex MESH Head & Maitreya Lara Body**


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