{Blog 2} Work Out

gymWhat woman doesn’t need a good work out out from time to time (but also sneak in some doughnuts). I went to the United Football League (UFL) Mustangs work out/locker room to get my sweat on.

What I am wearing:

Hair: Blues. Skyeler (head band included with hair) {Blues.}

Top: Addams // Top Gym 2.0 // Maitreya {Addams}

Bottoms: #EVANI-Liza PEACH-Maitreya {Evani-Tres Chic May Anniversary Round}

Socks: Izzie’s-Maitreya Lara-Applier Tube Socks white {Izzie’s}

Sneakers: REIGNxFLITE-Taylers-White/Black {REIGN/FLITE}


Bracelet: *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet {Store closed}

Watch: FLite. X CheckMate Frost {FLITE}


Tote Bag: Bueno- Workout Bag- Black 2 {BUENO}


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